Download and share puzzles

Want to add to your puzzle collection? Here are some ways to get even more crossword puzzles, all at no additional cost.

SpotPass StreetPass
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Download via SpotPass

Nintendo will distribute additional crossword puzzles on a weekly basis for a limited time, and you will be able to enjoy these puzzles at no extra cost.

By activating the SpotPass™ feature on your Nintendo 3DS™ system, you'll automatically receive these puzzles whenever you're in range of a wireless network.

What is SpotPass?
Street Pass

Share and receive via StreetPass

When you're out and about, you can wirelessly send and receive bonus puzzles with other nearby players by using the StreetPass™ feature.

These puzzles are automatically passed to the other player when you walk by them when StreetPass has been enabled.

What is StreetPass?
Street Pass